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There is no recent activity for Vincent K. Chesto, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for Rhode Island Rams Football below.
Recent activity for Rhode Island Rams Football
Updated athletic career information for Jeff Denny
Removed Jeff Denny from the 1985 Rhode Island Rams Football team roster.
by jimdep Oct 06, 2015
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Updated external links for Ken Mastrole
Created an external link called "Ken Mastrole Stats | College Football at" for Ken Mastrole.
  • Set title to "Ken Mastrole Stats | College Football at".
  • Set URL to
by rockinfish May 06, 2015
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Updated personal notes for Ken Mastrole
Edited the personal notes for Ken Mastrole.
  • Added trivia: "In 1996, he became the first-ever redshirt freshman quarterback to start at Maryland."
by rockinfish May 06, 2015
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