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United States Olympic Gymnastics

Olympic Gymnastics

Men's Team Competition
Men's Individual All-Around
Men's Floor Exercise
Pommel Horse
Men's Vault
Parallel Bars
Horizontal Bar
Women's Team Competition

United States

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Updated athletic career information for Connie Caruccio-Lenz
Edited the career summary for Connie Caruccio-Lenz.
  • Added player career summary for United States Olympic Gymnastics:
    "Connie was flag bearer in the 1936 Olympics. She was the youngest on the USA team at age 17. Her gymnastic team received a bronze medal in 1948. She was the mother of 2 then. She was a chaperone at the Olympics in 1952."
by jenniferlenz Jul 30, 2012
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Updated personal notes for Connie Caruccio-Lenz
Edited the personal notes for Connie Caruccio-Lenz.
  • Added nicknames: "Connie"
  • Added where are they now: "Deceased July 1980"
by jenniferlenz Jul 30, 2012
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