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There is no recent activity for Thomas Lovrich, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for USC Trojans Baseball below.
Recent activity for USC Trojans Baseball
Updated personal notes for Curtis Youel
Edited the personal notes for Curtis Youel.
  • Added trivia: "Head Footbal Coach at Santa Monica College 1935 to 1958. Athletic Director 1959 to 1968."
  • Added nicknames: "Mighty Mite"
by youeltide Sep 30, 2015
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Updated athletic career information for Sidney Semon
Added Sidney Semon to the 1958 USC Trojans Baseball team roster.
  • Set uniform number to 12.
  • Set role to Assistant Coach.
by slietzow Jul 17, 2014
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Updated personal notes for Sidney Semon
Edited the personal notes for .
  • Added trivia: "Longtime NFL game official. . .baseball coach at Hawthorne HS, CA"
by garyw Apr 29, 2010
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