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Stan Fansler

Date of birth
Feb 12, 1965

Ht: 5'11" Wt: 180 lbs.

Elkins, WV

Stanley Robert Fansler is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. Fansler started five games for the Pittsburgh Pirates in , losing three and winning none.
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Updated athletic career information for Mike Hegan
Added Mike Hegan to the 1964 Columbus Astros team roster.
  • Set role to First Baseman.
by Caesar Berardi Dec 27, 2013
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Updated personal notes for Chone Figgins
Edited the personal notes for Chone Figgins.
  • Added nicknames: "His first name is "Desmond""
by Caesar Berardi Feb 18, 2013
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Rex Rundgren Biography
Rex Gregory Rundgren (born November 20, 1980 in New York, New York) is a professional baseball shortstop who has played for affiliated Minor League Baseball teams including at the Triple-A level. A graduate of Mid-Pacific Institute in Hawaii, Rundgren...
by rococo May 13, 2011
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