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There is no recent activity for Rex Gonzalez, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for South Alabama Jaguars Baseball below.
Recent activity for South Alabama Jaguars Baseball
Updated the overview for Bob Parenteau
Created Bob Parenteau
  • Set height to 5'10".
  • Set weight to 170.
  • Set high school to Wp Davidson High School.
  • Set hometown to Mobile, Alabama.
Added Bob Parenteau to the 1977 South Alabama Jaguars Baseball team roster.
  • Set uniform number to 8.
by bparenteau Aug 30, 2014
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Updated personal notes for Ross Hewlett
Edited the personal notes for Ross Hewlett.
  • Added trivia: "How many times has he contracted crabs? Eight times"
  • Added nicknames: "Beamer"
  • Added nicknames: "Slugger"
  • Added where are they now: "Attending to fellow syphilitic patients at South Alabama College of Medicine"
by phill020 Apr 24, 2013
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Updated athletic career information for Chuck Blackwell
Edited the career summary for Chuck Blackwell.
by chuckbwell Jun 19, 2012
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