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There is no recent activity for Ramon Raines, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for Lamar Cardinals Baseball below.
Recent activity for Lamar Cardinals Baseball
Updated the overview for Trevor Mendelson
Edited the overview of Trevor Mendelson.
  • Changed height from 6'6" to 6'7".
  • Changed weight from 285 to 292.
  • Changed college to Marshall University.
  • Changed high school to Dublin Jerome High School.
  • Changed nationality to American.
  • Changed hometown to Dublin, OH, United States.
Created Hebert Mayo
  • Set height to 6'3".
  • Set weight to 175.
Added Hebert Mayo to the 1982 Lamar Cardinals Baseball team roster.
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by maddog48 Jun 12, 2014
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Picha and Johnson named Preseason All-Southland
FRISCO, Texas – After being honored by the Southland at the conclusion of last season, the Lamar duo of Brad Picha and Darian Johnson grabbed a spot on the conference’s preseason baseball team as announced by the league office on Wednesday afternoon.
Lamar University Athletics Department, Jan 30, 2013
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Updated personal notes for David C. Smith
Edited the personal notes for David C. Smith.
  • Added trivia: "Is not David C. Is David Wayne Smith. "
  • Added trivia: "1982 Holyoke Millers had 2 P's by the name of David Smith"
  • Added nicknames: "D.W."
by wwalsh01075 Mar 18, 2012
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