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Pittsburgh Men's Basketball

Current league
NCAA D-I Men's Basketball
Big East

Current venue
Petersen Events Center

College or University
University of Pittsburgh

Recent activity

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37541_102829229770761_100001310525862_16995_702694_n.jpg Updated personal notes for Dave Fitzgerald
Edited the personal notes for Dave Fitzgerald.
  • Added nicknames: "Fitz"
by GoNuggets Oct 26, 2011
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37541_102829229770761_100001310525862_16995_702694_n.jpg Updated athletic career information for Dave Fitzgerald
Edited the career summary for Dave Fitzgerald.
  • Added player career summary for Pittsburgh Panthers Men's Basketball (Pitt):
    "Dave made the team as a walk on for the Freshman team, but broke his wrist and sat out his sophmore year. He attended Penn Hall Academy where he played basketball and baseball all 4 years."
by GoNuggets Oct 26, 2011
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Sorry, we currently do not have 1978-79 schedule information for Pittsburgh Panthers Men's Basketball.