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Playboy 1992 All-American Defense.jpg

By thesemers
Published Feb 6, 2011
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Hometown: Pioneer
Date joined: Dec 27, 2009
Playboy 1992 All-American Defense.jpg
Left to right: Marvin Jones, Linebacker, Florida State; Dan Eichloff, Punter, Kansas; Ray Buchanan, Cornerback, Louisville; Carlton Gray, Cornerback, UCLA; Chris Slade, End, Virginia; Will White, Safety, Florida; Jim Hansen, Anson Mount Scholar/Athlete, Colorado; Dana Stubblefield, Tackle, Kansas; Steve Tovar, Linebacker, Ohio State; Tracy Saul, Safety, Texas Tech; Tommy Thigpen, Linebacker, North Carolina; Dave Hoffman, Linebacker, Washington; Rusty Medearis, End, Miami.


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