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Updated athletic career information for Elbert Platt
Edited the career summary for Elbert Platt.
  • Added player career summary for C. W. Post Pioneers Men's Basketball:
    " Ellbert Platt, aka Bert Platt had an outstanding two year basketball career at C.W. Post college. During the 1973-1974 basketball season Bert averaged 13 points on a 15-11 C.W. Post basketball team that was coached by the highly respected Herb Brown, brother and assistant coach of Larry Brown, coach of the 2001... " View more
by eplatt Oct 19, 2011
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Updated external links for Addist Bennett
Created an external link called "Basketball articles containing Addist Bennett" for Addist Bennett.
  • Set title to "College Basketball articles containing Addist Bennett".
  • Set URL to
by BasketballFAN Mar 02, 2011
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