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Rod " Crow" Gerald Ohio St. Quarterback

By stanley mathis
Published Aug 8, 2010
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Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Date joined: Apr 16, 2010
Though there's been quite a few articles penned about him being a drug addict, and he being the reason coach Woody Hayes was fired as coach of Ohio State Football, few people in America knows the former QB of the 1976-79 Ohio State Buckeyes, Rod "Crow" Gerald, the way I do.

And though I was a sometimes user of hardcore drugs, but never known as an addict, Crow, and we've been friends since high school, has never offered me any drugs. I don't know much about his use but what I've heard.

In short, when I had nowhere else to go, and no other person within the church to turn to for assistance in providing me a place to have my mother's funeral, at the 11th hour, I called Rod Gerald, and asked Crow, that's what I call him, to contact his brother, then, Senior Pastor of Community First Baptist Church, Mickey Gerald, to request his helping a (2) times loser with barely a work history, bury his mother.

I was her caretaker whom none of my family members had confidence that I could manage sending her off because of their perception that I was sorry, lazy, and a con man who didn't want to work for a living. To this day they (who hate to read) carry the same beliefs about me.

Everything at the funeral parlor would be completed, and word of my mother's funeral, and where it would be, was scheduled for release in the newspapers the next morning, when, within one hour, Crow called me back to not only inform that I could use their church, but also, that his nephew, Brodrick Gerald, an Associate Pastor to his father, would handle everything else for me without charge.

So I'm very honored to be able share this story about a man, whom, many times, in 2000, I used to visit, and Crow would be in his den reading his bible.

I haven't heard from my good friend since 2001, but I just wanted you to know that I love my brother, and know him to be a giving man.


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