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Recent activity for UCLA Bruins Football
Photo: Journal Sentinel
by rockinfish May 07, 2015
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Updated personal notes for Tom Ramsey
Edited the personal notes for Tom Ramsey.
  • Added trivia: "Selected by the New England Patriots in the 10th round (267th overall) of the 1983 NFL Draft."
by rockinfish Mar 04, 2015
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Updated game notes for UCLA Bruins at Washington State Cougars - Oct 13, 1979
Edited the game notes for UCLA Bruins at Washington State Cougars - Oct 13, 1979.
  • Added "My buddy and I went over to watch this game even though we were Husky fans. During the game you could tell that UCLA safety Kenny Easley was the best player out there but Cougars upset them that day 17-14. The crowd went nuts!"
by cruizer Feb 20, 2015
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