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Kirby Criswell

Date of birth
Aug 31, 1957

Ht: 6'5" Wt: 238 lbs.

Grinnell, IA

Grinnell, IA

University of Kansas

High school
Grinnell Community

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Updated personal notes for Chris Wells
Edited the personal notes for Chris Wells.
  • Added trivia: "On October 9, 2013, Wells tore his ACL during a work out with the Baltimore Ravens."
  • Added trivia: "The nickname Beanie was given to him by his family at a young age and he has said, "when I was young, my big brother said I was skinny like a bean pole.""
by rockinfish Sep 11, 2015
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Updated external links for Larry Fitzgerald
Created an external link called "Larry Fitzgerald Stats | College Football at" for Larry Fitzgerald.
  • Set title to "Larry Fitzgerald Stats | College Football at".
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by rockinfish Sep 11, 2015
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Updated external links for Shane Boyd
Created an external link called "Shane Boyd Statistics on" for Shane Boyd.
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by rockinfish Aug 13, 2015
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