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Updated personal notes for Harold Schank
Edited the personal notes for Harold Schank.
  • Added trivia: "After serving in WWII Harold coached football and basketball at Lake High School. In 1950 he became head football and baseball coach at Freehold High School, winning 6 Shore Conference football and 5 Shore Conference basebal titles in his first 6 years of coaching. He retired from coaching to become Atheletic Director... " View more
  • Added nicknames: ""Coach""
  • Added where are they now: "Died in 2001"
by checquers Apr 13, 2013
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Updated the overview for Jose Gonzalez
Created Jose Gonzalez
by Jose Gonzalez Apr 12, 2013
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Updated the overview for Umair Suri
Created Umair Suri
  • Set height to 6'1".
  • Set weight to 180.
  • Set hometown to NJ, United States.
View more
by bonjovi Feb 12, 2013
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