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Updated personal notes for Bill Elias
Edited the personal notes for Bill Elias.
  • Added trivia: "I played football under Bill Elias during his tenure at Richmond (Ind) High School during the years we won the stte championship two years in a row. he was an excellent coach and friend. his attitude made you want to play your best and it showed in our perofrmance. RIP Bill. You will always be in our fond memories. "
  • Added where are they now: "I entered the newspaper industry after graduation in 1953 and over the years advanced to the position of publisher from being a pressman in the beginning. I think it was men like Coach Elias that inspired youmg men to do their best in life and win against all odds. I am now retired and live in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.s "
by Robert Bostick Oct 06, 2015
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Updated athletic career information for Darren Paige
Added Darren Paige to the 2003 Miami (OH) RedHawks Football team roster.
  • Set role to Wide Receiver.
Added Darren Paige to the 2011 Gannon Golden Knights Football team roster.
  • Set role to Wide Receivers Coach.
by maddog48 Aug 24, 2014
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Updated the overview for Klye DiPirro
Created Klye DiPirro
  • Set height to 6'5".
  • Set weight to 245.
Added Klye DiPirro to the 2012 Gannon Golden Knights Football team roster.
  • Set uniform number to 91.
  • Set role to Defensive Line.
by Caesar Berardi Apr 07, 2014
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