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There is no recent activity for Dave Klusendorf, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for Loyola (IL) Ramblers Men's Basketball below.
Recent activity for Loyola (IL) Ramblers Men's Basketball
Updated personal notes for Art Oates
Edited the personal notes for Art Oates.
  • Added trivia: "Refused a requested tryout by the Los Angeles Lakes as he felt he should've been drafted."
  • Added nicknames: "Dee"
  • Added where are they now: "deceased"
by artman4ever Apr 11, 2013
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Loyola Continues Homestand, Hosts Milwaukee Wednesday Night
Loyola looks to halt a three-game home losing streak when it hosts Milwaukee Wednesday night. The Ramblers had a modest two-game winning streak snapped with a 75-63 loss to Detroit on January 26. Loyola is putting up 65.0 ppg and shooting a healthy 50 percent...
Loyola University of Chicago Athletics Department, Jan 29, 2013
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Updated athletic career information for Jason Gardner
Added Jason Gardner to the 2011-12 Loyola (IL) Ramblers Men's Basketball team roster.
  • Set role to Assistant Coach.
by Winner3454 Jul 16, 2012
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