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There is no recent activity for Clinton Jenkins, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for Savannah State Tigers Football below.
Recent activity for Savannah State Tigers Football
Updated athletic career information for Xavier Lewis
Removed Xavier Lewis from the 2011 Savannah State Tigers Football team roster.
  • Role was Linebacker.
by maddog48 Oct 21, 2013
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Updated external links for Shannon Sharpe
Created an external link called "Hall of Famers » SHANNON SHARPE" for Shannon Sharpe.
  • Set title to "Hall of Famers » SHANNON SHARPE".
  • Set URL to
by rockinfish Jan 31, 2013
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Updated personal notes for Terance Mathis
Edited the personal notes for Terance Mathis.
  • Added where are they now: "Founder of the Terance Mathis Foundation"
by rockinfish Jan 19, 2013
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