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SU wins 1983 NCAA lacrosse Title

By 10stone5
Published Dec 5, 2010
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Down 7 goals, Orange rallies for 17-16 win By Rick Bonnell, Syracuse Herald American, May 29, 1983

Syracuse University recovered from a seven-goal second half deficit to shock Johns Hopkins, 17-16, for the NCAA lacrosse championship. Late in the third quarter, when only a fool would have given SU a fighting chance, defenseman Darren Lawlor shot teammate Jeff McCormick a confident wink as Hopkins' reserve midfield trotted lazily onto the field. A minute later, Lawlor scored a goal that set off an amazing chain of events to push the Orangemen to their first-ever lacrosse title in the NCAA playoff format. The confidence to overcome such a momumental gap, against a Hopkins team participating in its seventh straight title game, came from Lawlor and the other Orange seniors. But the offensive punch was all sophomore. SU midfielder Brad Kotz, of West Genesee, scored five goals, all in the second half, and soph Tim Nelson, a transfer from North Carolina State, registered two goals and six assists to spearhead the victory. Nelson's pass to Randy Lundblad for an open-net goal with 1:09 left locked up the title, SU leading 17-15. The deeper Orangemen (14-1) simply burned out Johns Hopkins (12-2) physically and emotionally with a blaze of second half pressure. "Hopkins asks a lot of its four sensational midfielders," said SU coach Roy Simmons. "We rely on a lot of different players at a lot of different positions.


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