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Published Jul 23, 2011
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11/25/1967, GAINESVILLE, FL

From the Tallahassee Democrat, 11/26/1967, page 1C, By Bill McGrotha

GAINESVILLE, FL - With Florida State nursing a 14-9 lead, and backed up to its own 8-yard line early in the last quarter, Kim Hammond trotted back onto the field here Saturday afternoon and quickly produced the points that, in the last analysis, cut down the fighting Florida football team 21-16.

This one was high, suspense drama from beginning to end...but none of many vivid moments topped Hammond's splendid heroics.

After leading the Seminoles to a 14-3 lead, the quarterback had been knocked dizzy on Florida State's second series in the second quarter. He stayed on the bench until Coach Bill Peterson nodded to him in the afore-mentioned tight situation.

On the first play of his return, Hammond unloaded a bomb that the rather incomparable Ron Sellers caught for a 51-yard gain. On the third play of Hammond's return, he cut loose another bomb, to Sellers in the end zone...for a touchdown that brought a 21-9 lead, and eventually lifted the Seminoles to their seventh straight victory and a final 7-2-1 record.

Oh, yes, it put Florida State into the Gator Bowl, too, against Penn State on December 30.

But seven straight victories, 7-2-1 and a Gator Bowl date were secondary to the big accomplishment...the University of Florida football team had been had, and for the first time by Florida State on its own beloved Florida Field.

Not until T.K. Wetherell batted down Floida's last pass with 1:26 showing on the clock did the several thousand Florida State fans in the record Florida Field crowd of 62,944 know they had this one won.

For them both the third and fourth quarter - except for the brief time the Seminoles held a 21-9 lead - were hellish.

Florida just wouldn't quit on this warm, fair November day...but neither would the Seminoles, whose defenders were in the right places at the right moment time and time again.

Except for that Hammond-Sellers outbreak, the Seminoles played mostly defense in the last half. Among other things, Florida State recovered four Florida fumbles, while losing none itself. The Seminoles came up agonizingly short of interceptions several times.

The game's only interception, by Florida's Bobby Downs, came close to changing the course of this one. Gary Pajcic, subbing for Hammond, had led a charge to the Florida 15. Downs stole a third-down toss and sprinted 47 yards to the Seminoles' 46. But the FSU defense choked off Florida's threat, allowed only three yards in three plays.

Florida got the first points in this one, as Tommy Glenn raced 39 yards with the opening kickoff to put the Gators in business at their 47. The drive culminated with Wayne Barfield's 29-yard field goal.

A bit later the Seminoles marched 96 yards, spurred most of the way by the bright running of Larry Green. From nine yards out, Hammond threw to Bill Moremen for a TD.

Next time the Seminoles got the ball - on a fumble recovery at the Florida 38 - they moved to more points. Again Green led the push. Hammond scored from one-yard range. Grant Guthrie's point kick gave FSU a 14-3 lead, and it stayed that way until after the half.

Florida drove to a TD from Florida State's 27 late in the third quarter. The Gators' Richard Trapp had returned a punt 10 yards and a personal foul call had followed.

Larry Rentz' passes led to the 10. Tom Christian scored from a yard out. Florida went for two points, failed, leaving it 14-9.

Then Hammond came on for his big bit.

But immediately after FSU streched that lead to 21-9 the Gators marched again, 80 yards to a payoff, moved mostly by Rentz passes. Larry Smith scored from four yards out.

Florida had the ball twice after that, probing, with the help of a penalty to the FSU 26, where the stubborn FSU defense held firm. Later, after a punt, Florida had a last-gasp chance from its 19, but turned over the ball to FSU on the 18 with 1:26 to play. The Seminoles were on the one-yard line when it ended.

The Seminoles keyed their defense on Smith, with some effectiveness. He carried 22 times, got just 78 yards. The Seminoles ran Green almost as much...20 times for 71.

Hammond, who needed 270 yards to have a chance to win the national total-offense crown, netted just 159 playing only about half the game. He completed seven of 12 throws for 157 yards. Pajcic hit six of 11 for 73.

In the dual between Sellers and Trapp...well, Sellers caught seven for 153 yards, Trapp five for 59.

Teamwise, Florida State ended with 345 yards of offense including 230 passing, and Florida 303, with Rentz throwing for 146, completing 11 of 29.

Florida got penalized 56 yards, Florida State 70.

This was an offensive fray, but the defensive heros were many. End Bob Menendez and middle guard Mike Bugar were among the Seminoles' more notable, and tackle-linebacker Don Giordano was a big guy for Florida.

The Seminoles, in incredibly poor field position most of the afternoon, made the most of their scoring opportunities with the exception of the one that was blunted by Downs' interception.

Florida didn't. The Gators turned the ball over to FSU on fumbles at their 38 (Menendez recovering), FSU's 24 (Harvey Zion), FSU's 18 (John Crowe), and FSU's 11 (Bugar).

UF kick returns helped give the Gators good position much of the day. The Gators got 175 yards in runbacks, FSU just 35.

In this hard-hitting duel, the Seminoles had several players shaken up, with Hammond the notable one. Florida played without fullback Graham McKeel, who had a knee injury.

The Gators, now 6-3, close at Miami in a nationally televised game December 9. Florida State coaches now turn their attention to recruiting before opening prepartation for the date with Penn State in the Gator Bowl.

University of Florida was tricky from the beginning Saturday afternoon...indeed, even before the beginning.

In 84-degrees weather, Florida State ran briskly onto the field, going under and through the goalposts, in their manner.

Mocking the Seminoles Florida came out through the same goalposts...walking slowly, instead of running and the mainly partisan crowd roared.

The Gators looked much as though they were on a funeral march, heading for a wake...which, all Seminoles would say, they were.

Things continued to go UF's way for awhile. The Gators won the coin toss, chose to receive, giving the Seminoles a 12-to-15-miles-per-hour wind advantage.

Tommy Glenn took in Randy Logan's kickoff at the eight, and worked his way up the middle for 39 yards to the UF 47. After Larry Smith got just a yard, Larry Rentz threw long to tall Jim Yarborough, knocking off 28 to the FSU 24. After Smith was again stopped, Rentz, on third down, needing nine, made it with a run to the 13.

Smith, in two tries, got just a yard, and a pass fell incomplete. On fourth down, Wayne Barfield kicked a 29-yard field goal for a 3-0 UF lead.

Florida's kickoff was short and FSU got the ball for the first time at its 34. Kim Hammond couldn't connect in three passing attempts, and Bill Cheshire punted, and Florida had a second turn, this time at its 29.

Smith's 7-yard run, plus a 15-yard penalty (personal foul) against the Tribe, were the keys in pushing UF to Florida State's 45.

But an illegal-use-of-hands call knocked UF back to its 43. Rentz lost five before throwing to Richard Trapp at the UF 48. On fourth down Harmon Wages punted a nifty one, to Florida State's three.

Whereupon, the Seminoles marched 97 yards to a touchdown.

It was mostly Larry Green's doing. After losing one, he swept for 17 to the 19, then got three more, caught a Hammond pass for 10, up to the 33.

Then on a run, Green sprung for 22 to Florida's 45.

Hammond then found Ron Sellers with a 31-yard toss at the 14.

Bill Gunter dug for five, to the nine. Hammond rolled out, saw Bill Moremen free at the three, hit him with a throw there, and the senior fullback cruised into the end zone. Grant Guthrie's point kick made it 7-3, FSU.

Florida opened at its 24 following the kick. Brian Hipp, on an 11-yard run, got a first down at the 35, but fumbled one play later and Bob Menendez recovered for the Seminoles at the UF 38.

An offsides against UF gave FSU five. Green, on successive carries got five, eight, one, one and four, down to the 14.

After Green lost one, Hammond hit Sellers at the two. The flanker was hurt on the play as Florida's Tom Abdelnour piled on, drawing a penalty to the one.

Hammond sneaked over right guard for the touchdown in the early moments of the second quarter, and Guthrie's boot brought FSU a 14-3 lead.

The Gators couldn't cut it from their 29 after the kickoff. Wages set the Seminoles back to their 27 with a 51-yard punt.

Three FSU plays gained just five and resulted in Hammond leaving the game hurt. Trapped on a pass attempt, Hammond was piled under just as he threw. Abdelnour was again a guy who wrought damage.

Bill Cheshire replied to Wages with a 52-yard punt to Florida's 15. A clipping penalty knocked the Gators back to the 10.

A defensive-holding assessment against FSU helped the home team out of the hole, but Menendez' racking of Rentz for a loss of 11 forced a punt.

With Gary Pajcic in at quarterback for Hammond, the Tribe opened at its 37. The Seminoles didn't move the sticks. Cheshire punted down to Florida's 27, but a penalty for illegal procedure dictated another kick. This one was a weak effort, out of bounds at Florida's 43.

On Smith's strong running, Florida drove to a first down at the FSU 22. But Tom Christian got just two, and Rentz was again stacked by Menendez, this time for a loss of seven. Next play Rentz fumbled at the 24 and Harvey Zion recovered for the Seminoles.

The Seminoles maneuvered to their 44, but no further. Cheshire's punt was once more short, out at the Florida 45.

Menendez got to Rentz again, for a loss of nine. On the last play of the half Smith rambled to Florida State's 47 before getting nailed.

With Hammond still on the bench with a head injury, Florida State started at its 20 in the second half after the UF kickoff boomed into the end zone.

A short Pajcic pass to Sellers helped bring a first down at the 30, but it was soon offset by a delay-of-game call. Cheshire had to punt, and it was a 32-yarder to Florida's 39.

Smith picked up three. Rentz, on a twisting run off the weak side, dashed 29 yards to Florida State's 29.

Christian pounded to the 20, and Rentz got a first down at the 18.

Glenn got just a yard, then an errant pitchout, directed toward Glenn, resulted in a fumble into the hands of the Seminoles' John Crowe at the 18.

Don Giordino spurred a Florida defense that pushed the Seminoles back to the 13. Cheshire punted and Trapp returned 10 yards to the Florida State 42.

A personal-foul penalty moved Florida further, to the 27.

Chuck Eason decked Smith for a loss of three. But Rentz hit Trapp with a toss at the 22, then Yarborough made a sparkling diving catch of a toss at the 10.

Christian, on a big effort after apparently being stopped, slammed to the four. Smith got just a yard on a wide run. Christian pounded to the one. On fourth down Christian took the ball over for six points.

The Gators gambled on two points, missed as Rentz tried to find Trapp with a pass. That left it 14-9.

That charged up the Gators more than somewhat, but two big third-down plays helped hold them off for awhile.

Moremen was tackled on the kickoff runback at the 17. On third down, Pajcic threw eight yards to Sellers at the 31. On third again, Pajcic tossed to Lane Fenner over the middle, and the lanky split end dashed 34 yards to Florida's 33. The Seminoles got 15 more. to the 18, on a personal foul.

But on third down at the 15, Pajcic threw and Bobby Downs intercepted, wheeling the ball 47 yards down the sidelines to FSU's 45.

FSU defenders granted little. Christian got three, Rentz nothing, and a pass fell harmlessly. Wages punted - and again it was a beaut, out of bounds on Florida State's three.

The Seminoles couldn't wiggle out of that hole. Cheshire punted, and Trapp ran it back smartly, from the Florida 45 all the way to FSU's 13 just after the last quarter opened.

Mike Bugar sliced through to hit Rentz for a 5-yard loss. Rentz threw to Trapp, but he fumbled when hit at the seven and Bugar was there to claim the ball for Florida State.

Green got just a yard...and then back came Hammond, for the first time since his injury, as the crowd - including some UF fans - cheered.

Immediately, Hammond went back, fired deep to Sellers, who latched on for a 51-yard gain to Florida's 41.

Green got three the hard way. Then Hammond again dropped back, throwing long - and Sellers was there for an end-zone catch that, after Guthrie's point kick, gave FSU a 21-9 lead with 11:57 to play.

That lead wasn't a comfortable one for very long. Florida came back promptly, negotiating 80 yards for a touchdown.

Actually, it was more, for Rentz was tossed for a loss back to the 13. But he passed to Trapp just short of the 30, and Christian, on fourth down, got the needed yardage, up to the 34.

Then Rentz threw to Jack Coons at FSU's 47, to Trapp at the 27, to Trapp again at the 17.

After an offside moved UF back to the 22, Rentz ran to the 13. It came to fourth down, and when Rentz threw to Smith interference was ruled at the five.

On his second crack from there, Smith took the ball over from the four. Wayne Barfield kicked his 52nd consecutive extra point and things stood 21-16 with 6:29 remaining.

Florida State couldn't navigate from its 28. Cheshire punted to Trapp, who returned 10 to the Florida 34.

Rentz threw to Mike McCann at the 41, then at the 46. On a smart call, Christian got loose on a draw to FSU's 41, and a personal foul helped Florida on, to the 26.

But Smith got nothing, and Rentz misfired on three straight passes. The ball went over to FSU with 3:21 left.

Florida called two timeouts as the FSU offense probed cautiously, and got the ball back with 2:05 remaining when Cheshire punted 48 yards to the 19.

Rentz lost a yard, then threw three more incompletions, with T.K. Wetherell batting the last one down just in front of McCann as the clock showed 1:26.

Gunter, in two runs, gained the 11. Florida used another timeout with 27 seconds left, and Gunter went one way, cut back the other and gained a first down at the three. The Seminoles then called time out with two seconds to go.

Donovan Jones tried a shot straight up the middle, came up a yard short...and another frantic FSU-Florida football game was history.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
FLORIDA STATE 7 7 0 7 21
FLORIDA 3 0 6 7 161st 0- 3 Opp, 29, field goal, 11:24 7- 3 Bill Moremen, 9, pass from Kim Hammond (Grant Guthrie, kick), 4:06 2nd 14- 3 Kim Hammond, 1, run (Grant Guthrie, kick), 14:07 3rd 14- 9 Opp, 1, run (pass failed), 4:40 4th 21- 9 Ron Sellers, 38, pass from Kim Hammond (Grant Guthrie, kick), 11:57 21-16 Opp, 4, run (kick), 6:29


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