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1958 Wyoming preview (Sports Illustrated)

By DaMan
Published Nov 12, 2009
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COLORS: Brown and yellow
BASIC OFFENSE: Multiple, unbalancedline
1957 RECORD: Won 4, lost 3, tied 3
WATCH FOR: An array of good running backs

THE DOPE: The Cowboys are ready to ride herd on the rest of the Skyline Conference now that Coach Bob Devaney has successfully rounded up new talent. Devaney's multiple offense is stronger this year, and the defense, best in the league in '57, is just as good. He has 17 lettermen back who are familiar with his multiple offense, plus a flock of 26 top sophomores and transfer candidates. Wyoming has depth at all positions, but there appears to be more quantity than quality at quarterback. Jerry Wilkinson is the probable No. 1 replacement for graduate Larry Zowada. Coach Devaney must also plug up holes left by star Ends Wimp Hewgley and Russ Mather, Center Warren Benson and Fullback Greg Maushart, the team's top rusher in '57. The line will be built around Captain Dale Memmelaar, switched from tackle to end, Tackle Bob Houser and Guards Len Kuczewski and Paul Muratore. Devaney is knee-deep in good backs, including veterans Gene Domzalski, Hal Farmer, newcomers Bob Sawyer and Dennis Cook.


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