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10 Things a Hokie Wants for Christmas

By Coach Founding Member
Published Dec 17, 2008
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As a lifelong Virginia Tech football fan I've never been so anxious for an off season to get here. A year with a young team, coaching troubles, but nine wins and an ACC Title. Interesting yes, but there are 10 things a Virginia Tech football fan would like for Christmas, or at least soon after.

10. Affordable Orange Bowl Tickets

Frank Beamer came out and posted a video on trying to get Virginia Tech students, fans and alumni to buy Orange Bowl tickets because sales were down from last year. Tickets cost $125 before shipping and handling fees, which then raises the price close to $160.

I went down last year, and after tickets costs and transportation, you're looking at a very expenisve trip. At least make the tickets cheaper for students. I mean, we do pay a lot of money to attend the school.

9.Bowl win anyone?

The last time Virginia Tech won a bowl game was January 2, 2006, which was during the 2005 season. It was a win over Louisville in the Gator Bowl, led by infamous quarterback Marcus Vick. Virginia Tech hasn't missed a bowl game since 1993, but are 6-9 overall in that span, including a national championship loss. Bowls really don't mean much, but it would be embarrassing to lose another BCS Bowl.

8. Another Macho Harris

Victor "Macho" Harris was the leader of the defense this past season, and a huge part of it for the last three years. Since he arrived at Virginia Tech in 2005, he's been making noise, whether it was blocking punts on special teams or intercepting passes in the secondary. Macho was named to a first team All-American by the Sporting News, and will be sorely missed next year. Maybe Stephan Virgil or Cris Hill, who comes from the same high school (Highland Springs), can pick up where he left off next year.

7. Recruit better "people"

In the last few years, Virginia Tech has had a lot of players commit to the school and then are unable to come because of off the field issues or grades. If you're an athlete and can't get into a university because of your grades, that's pathetic. A lot of the players we have at Virginia Tech enjoy getting suspended as well.

Going back to the recruiting, and including the suspended players, around half aren't at Virginia Tech or actively involved with the football program. Prime examples are Marcus Vick and Branden Ore. If we recruit better "people" we may see a better football team.

6. 5-Star Tyrod instead of 3-Star

Tyrod Taylor has looked better in his last two games against Virginia and Boston College, but before that he looked awful. Taylor played well his freshman year, considering he was a true freshman, but really struggled after Beamer decided redshirting the sophomore wasn't a good idea.

Beamer has said there is a "hitch" in his throwing motion that they will work on in the spring, but so far Taylor has not lived up to the hype. The potential is there, but we need to start seeing it.

5. Legit National Championship Hopes

Virginia Tech is ranked in the top 20 of the country every year, but always seems to finish right around their preseason ranking. Virginia Tech is one of the only major football programs in the nation without a national championship title, and fans are getting restless. The Orange Bowl is nice, but juice isn't the same as bubbly. No title was expected this season, but within the next two years there's a chance Tech can compete for a national title, but they have to get over their typical mid-season slump.

4. More Credit

Virginia Tech was one of the youngest teams in the country this year, lost a number of players to the NFL, won the ACC Championship, and still the team isn't getting love from the media. Yes, Georgia Tech is a good football team, yes, Jim Grobe is a good football coach, but we beat Georgia Tech, and Beamer did a better coaching job than Grobe this season.

Taking nothing away from Grobe, but Frank Beamer did the best coaching job of any coach in college football this season. He played a tougher schedule than Wake Forest, and came out with a better record. Injuries, suspensions and a quarterback situation would ruin many teams seasons, but Frank Beamer was able to overcome all of that and win a second straight ACC Championship title.

3. Lock up Bud Foster

The fact that Bud Foster isn't a head coach somewhere blows my mind. He's a huge part of Virginia Tech's success this year, and without his hard noised, smash mouth defensive schemes you don't have Virginia Tech football. For years, Virginia Tech football has been remembered because of two things, Michael Vick and defense. The one constant their is Bud Foster, and without him coaching up the defense Virginia Tech football isn't where it is today.

Jim Weaver, the Athletic Director, said earlier this season he was looking into what Texas did with Will Muschamp. Well, not sure what he's waiting for? Foster needs to be the head coach in waiting, before Al Groh gets fired at Virginia.

2. Offensive Identity

Before the last two weeks, the Virginia Tech offense has had no identity. The offense is one of the worst in the country, and the poor offense is what led to a number of losses this season. Some weeks we run the ball, other weeks we abandon it. We need a new offensive philosophy, which leads to number one on a Hokies christmas list.

1. Close the Bryan Stinespring Chapter

It wasn't all that fun, definitely hated watching it, and it's something I would soon like to forget about. Stinespring needs to go. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but he's a horrible offensive coordinator. It might sound a bit cliche at this point, but Virginia Tech has to move on. If not, the team will have at least another three losses next season.

Tech consistently has a top 20 defense, usually top 5, but for the last two years the offense has been one of the worst in the country. It's time for a change, and Beamer needs to branch out from the coaching staff and bring in someone with an entirely different philosophy. If someone is hired from the Virginia Tech coaching staff, the same problems are likely to occur. Cut the tie, and start putting together a respectable offense.


Dec 17, 2008
Eric wrote:
This list does a great job of detailing the current state of the program, Coach. How is the incoming recruiting class shaping up?
Dec 17, 2008
TrojanJPFounding Memberwrote:
VTech just lost a big recruiting battle to Penn State for QB Kevin Newsome (JUCO).

VTech is going to sign four players who could be stars from early on in their careers. 6'7 340 Offensive Tackle Morgan Moses is considered the best OT in the class of 2009 and is expected to sign with VTech

They already have TE Logan Thomas on board. Could make an immediate impact for the Hokies. Is a 5-star as well.

RB David Wilson and WR D.J. Coles are also outstanding talents. The rest of the class is 3-stars or lower. A few of them will turn out to be great college players, while others will never be heard of again.
Dec 17, 2008
rohebliusFanbase staffwrote:
Excellent list Coach and thanks for your inclusion.

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