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There is no recent activity for John Lepovich, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for Kean Cougars Football below.
Recent activity for Kean Cougars Football
Updated the overview for Gene Scheicher
Created Gene Scheicher
Added Gene Scheicher to the 2004 Kean Cougars Football team roster.
by shaky0689 Aug 23, 2013
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Revelli, Wollman, Garrett Take Part in Dream Bowl
Roanoke, Va. (1/24/13) – Seniors Eric Revelli and Dan Wollman recently competed in the Dream Bowl, the NCAA Division III Senior All-Star game.
Kean University Athletics Department, Jan 24, 2013
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Kean Logo Updated season notes for 1982 Kean Cougars Football
Edited the season notes for 1982 Kean Cougars Football.
  • Added "N.Y. Tech (L:0-29)- Ramapo (L:7-14)- Montclair U. (L:16-24)- William Patterson (L:17-35)- U of New Haven (L:10-13)- Jersey City State (W: 10-0)- Salisbury (W: 20-17)- Glassboro/Rowan (L:6-24)- Trenton/TCNJ (L:17-26)- Wagner (L:0-42)"
by Keystone Nov 01, 2012
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