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Jamere Jackson

Ht: 6'2" Wt: 208 lbs.

Peoria, IL

High school

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Recent activity for Notre Dame Fighting Irish Men's Basketball
Updated the main image for Oliver Gibson
oliver gibson '97
Changed the main image to: oliver gibson '97
by nailboys May 09, 2011
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Updated athletic career information for Paul Hornung
by smootsirvin Aug 26, 2014
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Updated athletic career information for Michael Crowe
Edited the career summary for Michael Crowe.
  • Added coach career summary for Notre Dame Fighting Irish Men's Basketball:
    "I am not certain I have the correct Michel Crowe, but I think so. Coach Crowe was my high school basketball coach at San Gabriel Mission High School in San Gabriel CA and was a fine man and great coach. My memory of him includes comments made by other that he played for Notre Dame in the mid nineteen 30's. So I was... " View more
by Harry Maloney Apr 07, 2014
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