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There is no recent activity for Jack M. Kirkling, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for Michigan State Spartans Football below.
Recent activity for Michigan State Spartans Football
Updated personal notes for Isaac C. Griffin
Edited the personal notes for Isaac C. Griffin.
  • Added trivia: "prospect for the 1982 San Francisco 49ers. Signed as a free agent from British Columbia in the CFL Also played 3 years in the USFL (Pittsburgh. Jacksonville. Orlando.) ."
  • Added nicknames: "Turbo"
  • Added where are they now: " Entrepreneur"
by SpartanDawg Mar 28, 2015
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Updated the overview for Brad Yapo
Created Brad Yapo
  • Set date of birth to Feb 19, 1978.
  • Set height to 6'3".
  • Set weight to 246.
  • Set high school to Waterford Kettering High School.
  • Set hometown to Waterford, MI, United States.
Added Brad Yapo to the 1997 Michigan State Spartans Football team roster.
  • Set role to Defensive Tackle.
by MSUB10 Mar 22, 2015
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Updated external links for Hyland Hickson
Created an external link called "Hyland Hickson Stats | College Football at" for Hyland Hickson.
  • Set title to "Hyland Hickson Stats | College Football at".
  • Set URL to
by rockinfish Mar 19, 2015
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