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NCAA National Champion (118 lb)
NCAA D-I Wrestling


NCAA National Champion
Oklahoma Sooners Wrestling

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Recent activity for Oklahoma Sooners Wrestling
Graham Named Big 12 Wrestler of the Week
The Annapolis, Md., native picked up two wins in a span of three days as Oklahoma took on No. 14 Lehigh and No. 9 Virginia Tech. Although the Sooners dropped both matches, Graham improved his season record to 18-2 and dual record to 10-2.
University of Oklahoma Athletics Department, Jan 28, 2013
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Sooners Slip Against No. 9 Virginia Tech, 22-19
Sunday's dual presented a slew of talent as ten of the country's top-25 wrestlers took to the match, including three bouts that featured top-25 matchups
University of Oklahoma Athletics Department, Jan 27, 2013
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Updated athletic career information for Roderick j Alton
by icecube01 Aug 05, 2012
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