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Dick Witcher

Date of birth
Oct 10, 1944

Ht: 6'3" Wt: 194 lbs.

Salinas, CA

Shafter, CA

University of California, Los Angeles

High school

Dick Vernon Witcher (born October 10 1944 in Salinas, California) was a former professional American football player. Witcher was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the 8th round (119th overall) of the 1966 NFL Draft. At 6'3" Witcher was a wide receiver who graduated from UCLA. Witcher played in 8 NFL seasons from 1966-1973 for the 49ers...
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  • cousin Richard Hooks


Where are they now?
  • Los Banos Ca Aug 15, 2011

Family members on Fanbase
Morris Freedman (cousin)

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Updated personal notes for Morris Freedman
Edited the personal notes for Morris Freedman.
  • Added trivia: "What's he doing now???"
  • Added nicknames: "Le Chalet"
  • Added where are they now: "Where?"
  • Added Dick Witcher (cousin) to family members.
by Dick Strandlof Oct 24, 2011
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Updated personal notes for Dick Witcher
Edited the personal notes for Dick Witcher.
  • Added trivia: "cousin Richard Hooks"
  • Added nicknames: "mademyday"
  • Added where are they now: "Los Banos Ca"
by mademydayblue Aug 15, 2011
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dick witcher.jpg
dick witcher.jpg
by nailboys Aug 27, 2010
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Updated the main image for Dick Witcher
dick witcher.jpg
Changed the main image to: dick witcher.jpg
by nailboys Jul 17, 2010
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