Demetrios Walker

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Updated the overview for Dave Geros
Created Dave Geros
  • Set date of birth to Jun 29, 1968.
  • Set height to 6'2".
  • Set weight to 232.
  • Set high school to North Cobb High School.
  • Set hometown to GA, United States.
by Dgeros22 Jul 21, 2014
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Updated athletic career information for Ray Oldham
Edited the career summary for Ray Oldham.
by maddog48 Apr 04, 2014
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Updated the overview for Dale Pickens
Created Dale Pickens
  • Set height to 6'1".
  • Set weight to 180.
  • Set hometown to Terre Haute, IN, United States.
Added Dale Pickens to the 1970 Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders Football team roster.
  • Set uniform number to 85.
  • Set role to Flanker.
  • Set role to Split End.
by maddog48 Mar 06, 2014
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