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There is no recent activity for Chad Abend, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for Ohio State Buckeyes Men's Soccer (OSU) below.
Recent activity for Ohio State Buckeyes Men's Soccer (OSU)
Updated the overview for Vincent Louis Fiorita
Created Vincent Louis Fiorita
  • Set date of birth to Mar 8, 1957.
  • Set height to 5'11".
  • Set weight to 180.
  • Set hometown to Dayton.
by vincefiorita Jun 05, 2014
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Updated the overview for Pete Kraguljac
Created Pete Kraguljac
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by pkraguljac Oct 04, 2012
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Updated the overview for Jim Pilla
Created Jim Pilla
by jim pilla Sep 03, 2012
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