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There is no recent activity for Brad Trickey, but please use the links above to add content to this page, or view recent activity for Iowa Hawkeyes Baseball below.
Recent activity for Iowa Hawkeyes Baseball
Updated personal notes for Mike Kielkopf
Edited the personal notes for Mike Kielkopf.
  • Changed "Mike is currently teaching at the American International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia." to "Mike is currently teaching at the Karachi American School in Pakistan." in where are they now.
  • Added trivia: "Mike also played 2 years of minor league pro football as a strong safety after playing freshman football for the Iowa Hawkeyes and earning All-State Honorable mention as a linebacker and tailback at Ottumwa (IA) High School."
by iowamike21 Feb 09, 2013
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Sheppard: 'I'm 100 Percent'
Senior Dan Sheppard has his confidence back as the 2013 University of Iowa baseball season gets underway because he can finally say matter-of-factly... 'I'm healthy.'
University of Iowa Athletics Department, Jan 29, 2013
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Updated personal notes for Don Dobrino
Edited the personal notes for Don Dobrino.
  • Added trivia: "Don Dobrino out of Iowa was drafted in 1957 by the Redskins in round 10 (#117 overall) "
by awezer Oct 09, 2012
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