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Jerry Bonney

Ht: 6'4" Wt: 200 lbs.

Houston, TX

High school

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by GoDevils95 Mar 29, 2014
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Updated game notes for UCLA Bruins at Houston Cougars - Jan 20, 1968
Edited the game notes for UCLA Bruins at Houston Cougars - Jan 20, 1968.
  • Added "UCLA coach John Wooden had been reluctant to accept scheduling of the game out of concern that the predictable emphasis on the Lew Alcindor-Elvin Hayes matchup would detract from the play of the team, but conceded to the wishes of UCLA athletic director JD Morgan when told the game would be worth $80,000 to the UCLA."
  • Added "Houston led 46-43 at half time."
  • Added "Elvin Hayes, who finished the game with 39 points, made two free throws with 28 seconds left to play in the game."
  • Added "UCLA was unable to score on its final possession of the game, and UCLA's 47 game winning streak was snapped"
  • Added "During this game, Lew Alcindor had arguably the worst game of his college career as he missed 14 of 18 shots, and three of his shots had been blocked by Hayes. However he played the game with a scratched cornea. He suffered the injury in game against California on January 12. He then missed UCLA's next two games... " View more
  • Added "The attendance for this game was 52, 693."
by jy826 May 31, 2013
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