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Updated personal notes for Gord Christian
Edited the personal notes for Gord Christian.
  • Added trivia: "Hometown boy played entire career with Tiger Cats. Loved to fish. "
  • Added nicknames: "Big Gord"
  • Added Jeff Christian (son) to family members.
  • Added Brandon Christian (son) to family members.
by jeff.christian Sep 20, 2012
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Updated athletic career information for Gerry Meehan
Removed Gerry Meehan from the 1968-69 Tulsa Oilers team roster.
  • Role was Center.
Added Gerry Meehan to the 1967-68 Tulsa Oilers team roster.
  • Set role to Center.
by Caesar Berardi Jun 18, 2012
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Updated personal notes for Nick Carriere
Edited the personal notes for Nick Carriere.
by Caesar Berardi Apr 16, 2012
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